We build a culture of communication and respect through community events, teacher appreciation, keeping community members informed, school beautification, community awareness, and fundraising.

Construimos una cultura de comunicación y respeto a través de eventos comunitarios, apreciación de los maestros, mantener informados a los miembros de la comunidad, embellecimiento de la escuela, conciencia comunitaria y recaudación de fondos.

  • At Briar Vista, our kids love to learn, love their teachers, love their friends and are getting a great education. We're always happy to give to our school because we know how much the school gives us! - The Gallagher Family
  • We gave to BVE PTO because they support our wonderful teachers. It is both our neighborhood school and our school of choice. We are happy to support an organization that stands in the gaps that may exist when it comes to district/official support. Now more than ever anything we can do to support our teachers is very important to us. - The Williams Family
  • This is our first year at Briar Vista Elementary. From day one, we've seen that the teachers really care about the kids and the admin really cares about ensuring everyone has what they need to be successful. From Specials teachers to Counseling to the MTSS team, everyone is really here for the kids. That's something worth supporting. - The Coxons
  • Donations

    The Briar Vista Elementary PTO enriches our small, diverse, title one school. We appreciate all donations and use them to support our teachers, students, and families.
    Since we are a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible.

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